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MidWest Quiet Time  Ortho Nesting Dog Bed

MidWest Quiet Time Ortho Nesting Dog Bed


Extra durable water resistant and orthopedic bed that fends off nasty spills and accidents while providing maximum comfort.


The Teflon(R) fabric protector is built right into the fabric so it will not "wash out" when laundering. It is a revolutionary dog bed that is super easy to clean and care for. The orthopedic nesting bed alleviates pressure points and helps cushion joints and muscles. Its vet-recommended, therapeutic support system is ideal for any dog, but is particularly beneficial to aging dogs, dogs recovering from illness or injury, or those with chronic joint problems. Features: Fabric repels pet stains, dirt, oils, and liquids Looks newer and stays cleaner longer Machine washable and safe for pets Bolster style is terrific for dogs who like to nestle or circle before laying down Provides a sense of security and a familiar place to rest Dropped side makes it easy to access, even for aging or injured pets Removable cover zips off for machine wash.

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