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Kong Connects Window Boxing


KONG Connects Window Boxing is a portable play gym that knocks out boredom with a multi-sensory prize fight of fun for Kittyweight Champions of the World. Suction cup secures base to any smooth vertical surface. Dynamic Connects Wand enhances irresistible bobbing motion making dangling boxing gloves dance on elastic lines, attracting the eye of the (small) tiger for batting. KONG Premium North American Catnip in gloves fuels extra rounds of fun, while bells and rattle spark hunting instincts.

  • Dangling gloves and bobbing punching bag ignite hunting instincts
  • Attaches to most clean, smooth vertical surfaces for varying fun
  • Bells in gloves and rattle in KONG speedbag prolong play
  • Catnip in boxing gloves fuels extra rounds of action
  • Dynamic Connects Wand enhancing bouncing action

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