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Jones Natural Chews Jones Knuckle

Jones Natural Chews Jones Knuckle

Jones Natural Chews

Jones Knuckles consist of two knuckles, the femur and the saddle. These are both knuckles from a USA beef femur bone, dipped in natural liquid smoke and oven baked with no artificial ingredients. Meat on the knuckles is purposely left on for a better chewing experience.  The soft knuckle cartilage is a delicious treat and the bone left leaves a long-lasting chew.  This natural chew is best for medium to large dogs.  All Jones products are 100% grown and made in America.


Femur Knuckle 14 oz. – 2 lbs. each / 5 – 6” long / 15” – 16” circumference
Saddle Knuckle 9 oz. – 1.3 lbs. each / 4 – 5” long / 14” – 15” circumference
Salt: Femur Knuckle 0.12%


beef femur and saddle knuckle


9 oz. (255.2g) each
Saddle Knuckle 0.06%


Femur Knuckle – Crude Protein Min. 23%, Crude Fat Min. 20%, Crude Fiber Max. 1%, Moisture Max. 6%


1 Pack

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