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Four Paws Inc Wee-Wee® Super Absorbent Pads With Insta-Rise® Border

Four Paws

America's Original Trusted Pads are more advanced than ever! Four Paws Wee-Wee Super Absorbent Pads with Insta-Rise Border are a first-of-their-kind waste management solution. These dog training pads feature a patent-pending, 4-sided wetness-activated border that rises where exposed to liquids. The result? Four times the edge leak and runoff protection! Complete with the high-performance Floor Armor Leak-Proof System and maximum absorption technology, each dog pee pad guarantees 24-hour protection for the easiest cleanup and driest floors possible! Providing even more peace of mind, dual-action wet-lock gel absorbs fluids while over-sized rapid dry quilt pockets prevent wet paw tracking. Plus, these 6-layer housetraining pads include targeted attractant to draw your dog to the pad. Made for any dog of any size, these Wee-Wee Pads are perfect for puppy potty training and beyond!

  • Dog potty pads feature a border that rises when exposed to liquids to prevent leaks and runoff
  • Dog absorbent pads offer 24 hour leak-proof protection
  • Dual action wet-lock gel absorbs fluids and odors
  • Quilted dog pads include rapid dry pockets that prevent wet paw tracking
  • Dog training pads feature exclusive 6-layer Floor Armor Leak-Proof System locks in moisture and keeps floors dry 
  • Built-in targeted attractant draws dogs to the pad and prevent accidents elsewhere

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